BTS collaborates with Baskin Robbins! Purple-colored items and colorful ice cakes are too cute !!

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BTS is active in the world.

From FILA, PUMA, cars and juice, BTS is very popular in the advertising world.

Such BTS collaborated with Baskin Robbins!

This is a collaboration product between BTS and Baskin Robbins.

Ice cake is so colorful and cute!

It looks like an ice cake made of 7 flavored ice creams.

The projection light also represents the letter 7, and it was a collaboration product full of “7”.

BTS color purple was also scattered, and it was just a wonderful collaboration product.

The paper bag was also designed with the BTS logo, which was really cute.

All of them have BTS specifications, and ARMY definitely wants to get them.

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BTS is a topic of collaboration every time.

This time, a collaboration product with Baskin Robbins released.

Please check it out♪