BTS performed “Dynamite” at the Grammy Awards! Their performance on the roof is a hot topic!

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS released “Dynamite” in 2020, which was a big hit and was nominated for the Grammy Awards.

On March 15th, BTS performed “Dynamite” at the Grammy Awards!

This is a photo of RM posted on BTS’s official Twitter account before the performance.

RM told ARMY about their performance at the Grammy Awards.

BTS wore colorful costumes and it was perfect for the concept of “Dynamite”.

The set of flowers hung from above was beautiful.

At the climax, BTS climbed the stairs and danced on the rooftop!

There are a lot of lights, and a gorgeous production is becoming a hot topic.

Jungkook’s drum performance was the focus of attention in the Music On A Mission, and their performance at this Grammy Awards was also very cool 😆

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Unfortunately, BTS couldn’t win the Grammy Awards, but it’s great to be nominated and perform.

I want BTS to win the Grammy Awards next year!

I also support the success of BTS in 2021 ♪