BTS Jin’s solo song “Super Tuna” is a hot topic! Song for fishing ? Surprise released on Birthday V Live ♪

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Today, December 4th is BTS Jin’s birthday.

Jin’s birthday was celebrated with “PTD ON STAGE LA” and it was a moving event.

On December 4th, Jin broadcasted birthday V Live!

This is the birthday V live broadcasted by BTS Jin.

After appearing on “iHeart Radio Jingle Ball”, he broadcasted V Live for ARMY while he was busy.

In Jin’s birthday Vlive, the release of Jin’s solo new song “Super Tuna( 슈퍼 참치 )” has become a hot topic!

I was wondering if V Live would end, but when Jin peeled off the paper behind him,and the poster for “Super Tuna” was hidden.

The poster is Jin that he was fishing.

The title “Super Tuna” is so interesting !

Actually, “Super Tuna” was made when BUMZU, who is known as the producer of SEVENTEEN, and Jin went fishing together.

The song was completely different from the solo song “Abyss” released by Jin last year, and had an song-like atmosphere.

It’s a melody that makes us feel happy, and it’s a song that seems to be exciting in karaoke 😆

I would like to see Jin sing “Super Tuna” at a BTS concert someday ♪

Happy Birthday Jin 🎉