TREASURE Asahi’s nickname is a robot! ? Pay attention to Asahi at the ending of SBS Inkigayo!

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TREASURE finally made their debut after appearing in the audition program “YG TREASURE BOX”.

TREASURE performed the stage of their debut song “BOY” in SBS Inkigayo that was broadcast on August 9.

The ending of TREASURE members became a hot topic in Inkigayo!

This is the ending of TREASURE at SBS Inkigayo on August 9th.

The ending of Inkigayo is always loud with confetti, and the idols who appear in it are also surprised.

Jaehyuk was really surprised.

In response to Jaehyuk, Asahi next door didn’t make a slight movement!

Asahi is amazing, even though most of the members were surprised by the sound, not just Jaehyuk.

By the way, Asahi’s nickname is a robot.

It was Asahi’s reaction that the nickname “robot” was perfect for!

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TREASURE performed their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo.

Their cool performance was seen in “BOY”.

TREASURE was full of highlights until the ending.

Please check it out ♪