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Post after a long absence! AB6IX Woojin greets fans on Instagram! !

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AB6IX debuted in 2019.

Woojin and Daehwi were also active in WannaOne.

This group is also expected to play an active role in 2020.

AB6IX’s Woojin posted it on Instagram for the first time in a long time!

This is Woojin’s post on AB6IX’s official Instagram.

“I’m fine.Don’t get sick – I’ll see you soon.”

He greeted the fans after a long time.

It was a jersey, so he was practicing.

Woojin with black hair was super handsome.

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Woojin was recuperating from injury, so he was waiting for a while to perform live.

I hope that in 2020, Woojin will be working well.

I can’t wait for the performance of the crisp Woojin.

We look forward to AB6IX in 2020♪