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Topic with JYP appearance! NiziU releases MV of debut song 「Make you happy」!! Also dance of TWICE and ITZY!

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JYP Entertainment has produced many popular idols such as TWICE, 2PM, StrayKids, and ITZY.

JYP held the “Nizi Project” for the first time to create a girl group in Japan, and It became interested all over Japan.

The MV of the debut song “Make you happy” of NiziU born from Nizi project has been released!

This is the MV of NiziU’s debut song “Make you happy” released on June 30.

“Make you happy” was also announced at the final of the Nizi project, and it is a song composed by JYP.

JYP appeared in the MV of “Make you happy” and it became a hot topic!

The co-starring scene with Nina was fun!

JYP’s love for NiziU has been transmitted.

Personally, the rap part sung by Mako, Rio, Mayuka and Rima was cool.

They were singing fast rap rhythmically.

Attention here is dance of TWICE “Like OOH-AHH”, “FANCY” and Wonder Girls “So Hot”, ITZY “ICY”, missA “Good-bye Baby”.

I was impressed with the choreography of JYP’s successive girl groups.

Please check the dances.

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The MV of the finally released NiziU debut song “Make you happy”.

JYP appeared and the choreography was cute.

There are so many highlights!

I am supporting NiziU’s future success♪