Billlie Tsuki’s fancam is very popular! Her facial expression is so cute! Comeback with “Ginga Minga Yo” ♪


Billlie debuted on 2021 from MYSTIC STORY.

Billlie has ASTRO Moon Bin’s younger sister Moon Sua, and they have been attracting attention even before their debut.

In the new song “Ginga Minga Yo (the strange world)” released by Billlie on February 23, Japanese member Tsuki’s fancam is popular !

This is the fancam of Billlie Tsuki about “Ginga Minga Yo” posted on YouTube.

“Ginga Minga Yo” is a popular song with unique lyrics, addictive chorus melody, and choreography that makes us want to dance, and the MV has been played more than 14 million times.

Tsuki is the main dancer in Billlie.

At fancam, Tsuki’s facial expression is amazing!

In the chorus, Tsuki changed cute expression to cool expression 😆

There was also a cool dance break scene of Tsuki, and it was full of charm.

Compared to other members, Tsuki’s fancam has been played overwhelmingly, and the record is steadily increasing.

Let’s check out Tsuki’s performance at Billlie “Ginga Minga Yo” ♪