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What’s meanings of NSWER , NMIXX’s fan name? Related to “Answer” ! ?

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NMIXX debuted from JYP Entertainment.

NMIXX’s debut album has set a new record and is very popular.

Yesterday, March 1st, the debut showcase of NMIXX was held, and their fan club name NSWER attracted attention!

This is a notice to NSWER posted on the official Twitter of NMIXX.

The fan club name of NMIXX is NSWER!

NSWER is named after “NORTH,” “SOUTH,” “WEST,” “EAST,” and “ROUTE.”

In addition to the meaning of “ANSWER”, it also means “if NMIXX will lose way in their future activities, they can find a route and proceed with fans”.

There was a ship in the MV of NMIXX’s debut song “O.O”, so it’s a fan club name that fits well with the NMIXX concept !

Yesterday, not only the debut showcase but also V Live for NSWER was broadcasted.

NMIXX’s first V live for NSWER was full of energy 😆

Let’s check the debut activity of NMIXX ♪