SEVENTEEN S.COUPS has an olive tree tattoo? What does olive tree mean? Call event with CARAT is a hot topic!


The leader of SEVENTEEN, S.COUPS.

S.COUPS is famous as a reliable leader.

At a call event with CARAT, S.Coupus tattoos became a hot topic!

At SEVENTEEN’s world tour “BE THE SUN”, S.COUPS’s tattoos got a lot of attention.

Many CARAT were wondering if they were real tattoos or fake tattoos.

At that call event with CARAT, S.Coupus told her that the tattoo was real.

The tattoos that S.Coupus got seem to be the olive tree, CARAT, and the name of the album.

You may be wondering why S.Coupus got an olive tree tattoo.

Actually, the olive tree is the birthday flower of SEVENTEEN’s debut day, May 29th!

You can feel S.COUPS’ love for SEVENTEEN, it’s a touching tattoo😆

I hope someday S.Coupus will show us a picture of the tattoo♪