Peterpan theory of SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing” is a hot topic ! It’s a beautiful MV !

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13-member popular boys group SEVENTEEN.

Recently, CARAT is paying attention to SEVENTEEN’s new English song “Darl+ing”.

Today, the MV for SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing” has finally been released!

This is SEVENTEEN’s new song “Darl+ing” MV released on YouTube.

Until now, the concept photo and MV teaser of “Darl+ing” have been released, and CARAT’s expectations have been rising.

It is a beautiful music video 😆

The lyrics of “Darl+ing” are wonderful, and it’s a perfect song for those who are in love.

From the MV teaser of “Darl+ing”, what was attracting attention among CARAT is the theor of Peter Pan!

In the MV of “Darl+ing”, books related to Peter Pan appear, the clock is stopped, and you can feel the world of Neverland.

And, the characters appearing in Peter Pan are children of the “Darling” family.

Besides, like Peter Pan, SEVENTEEN live underground, Woozi has a teddy bear, and the relationship between Peter Pan and “Darl+ing” is interesting.

I still don’t know the true story hidden in the MV of “Darl+ing”, but it was a wonderful MV anyway 😆

I’m looking forward to the live performance of SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing”♪