What did SEVENTEEN S.COUPS get as a birthday present from the members?

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Quote from:SEVENTEEN twitter
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SEVENTEEN is made up of 13 members.

The sales of the latest album have reached the million-seller.

August 8th is the birthday of SEVENTEEN leader S.COUPS.

S.COUPS broadcast V-live to commemorate his birthday!

This is the V-Live broadcast by S.COUPS on August 8.

In this V-live, S.COUPS answered many comments from fans.

He also told us about the birthday gifts he got from the members.

Hoshi gave the shoes and Dino prepared the cake!

Mingyu asked S.COUPS what he wanted, and THE8 also gave him a present, but it seems that S.COUPS has not confirmed the contents yet.

SEVENTEEN members are really good friends who give gifts to each other!

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Birthday V live broadcast by SEVENTEEN S.COUPS.

S.COUPS will be happy to have CARAT around the world celebrated.

We will continue to support S.COUPS, who will continue to be active as a SEVENTEEN♪