SEVENTEEN “Left&Right” challenge by NU’EST Baekho! Hoshi also has a muscle training together !!

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SEVENTEEN is back with the new song “Left&Right”.

The “Left&Right” challenge has become popular recently.

This time, we will introduce NU’EST Baekho’s SEVENTEEN “Left&Right” challenge!


🐯Left & Right🐯@nuest_official #L#eftRightChallenge #S#EVENTEEN

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

This is the NU’EST Baekho’s “Left&Right” challenge posted on TikTok.

The video using dumbbells was interesting!

Baekho was lifting the left and right dumbbells according to the song .

Much attention was paid to the muscles of Baekho.

Finally, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi appeared!

It was interesting to have a dumbbell that was much smaller than Baekho !

Hoshi looked cute.

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NU’EST and SEVENTEEN who belong to the same office.

Baekho and Hoshi’s “Left&Right” challenge was insanely interesting.

Please check it out!