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August 9th is the birthday of NU’EST Minhyun! Introducing the charm of Minhyun who is too handsome!!

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NU’EST is releasing new songs with various concepts every time.

NU’EST also won first place in the latest song “I’m in Trouble”.

NU’EST is expected to play an active role in the future.

August 9th is the birthday of NU’EST Minhyun!

Minhyun, who was born on August 9, 1995, is 25 years old.

NU’EST has been active since 2012 and has a long history of performing, but Minhyun is still young.

Minhyun appeared in Produce 101 Season 2 and was nominated as a member of Wanna One.

At Produce 101, the attention was focused on Minhyun’s too cool visuals.

PRODUCE 101 season2 [단독/9회] '상위권 만렙이 모였다!'ㅣ국민의 아들 ♬NEVER @콘셉트 평가 170602 EP.9

Minhyun played a central role in “Never” of Produce 101, and it became a hot topic.

It’s one of the legendary stages in Produce 101.

At WannaOne, Minhyun was active as a visual member, not only on stage but also in variety shows.

Hwang Min Hyun Showed off His Abs!!!! [Happy Together Ep 558]

Minhyun is famous for his handsome appearance, but his muscles are also amazing!.

Minhyun showed his abdominal muscles while he was active at Wanna One.

Of course, he also has a gentle personality.

[M/V] MINHYUN (NU'EST) – Universe (별의 언어)

And Minhyun’s vocal is beautiful.

You can fully listen to Minhyun’s wonderful singing voice in his solo song “Universe”.

Minhyun’s singing voice is so refreshing that you can heal just by listening!

NU’EST members were celebrating Minhyun’s birthday.

This is a photo posted in the JR Instagram.

Minhyun wore a crown and was celebrated!

Minhyun’s expression is a little funny.

“Happy Minhyun Birthday! Let’s send happily all day long today! ~”

It was a post that felt the friendship between JR and Minhyun.

NU’EST members have had a lot of hard work so far, so it’s a group with strong bonds between them.

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NU’EST Minhyun has been celebrated by fans all over the world for his birthday.

Minhyun has recently appeared in musicals and dramas, and is active in many fields.

We continue to support Minhyun’s success♪

Happy Birthday Minhyun !!