SEVENTEEN Vernon’s arm tattoo is cool! “Face the Sun” related videos have been released!

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13-member popular boys group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN is planning to release a new album “Face the Sun” on May 27th, and the videos are being released in order.

Today, on May 7th, a video of SEVENTEEN Vernon was released!

This is Vernon’s video of SEVENTEEN “Face the Sun” posted on YouTube.

So far, videos of other SEVENTEEN members have been released, and each has a different concept.

Water was the point in Vernon’s video.

There was Vernon in the water, and it was a mysterious concept.

In the bathtub scene, the tattoo on Vernon’s arm became a hot topic!

I couldn’t see the details, but there were various tattoos and it was so cool 😆

It’s rare that could see Vernon’s tattoos, so its video is a hot topic among CARAT.

Don’t miss the videos of other SEVENTEEN members that will be released in the future ♪