PENTAGON covers MONSTA X “Follow”! Egyptian arrangement is a topic! !

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Road to Kingdom final is arriving on June 18th.

Comeback War I’m wondering which group will be performing in Kingdom.

This time, I will introduce PENTAGON’s covered MONSTA X “Follow” stage!

This is the “Follow” stage by PENTAGON.

Leader Hui arranged “Follow” in an Egyptian style!

Hui’s arrangements are too great each time.

The set was gorgeous and the co-stars were surprised.

Yuto and Hong Seok were shirtless and wearing sexy costumes.

PENTAGON All the members were full of power, but the performance of Wooseok was especially impressive!

His eyes were full of passion!

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PENTAGON always shows powerful performance.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance will be shown in the final broadcast!

Please check it out!