What’s age of BABYMONSTER Ahyeon? Introducing profile! Perfect rap and vocals! ?

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BABYMONSTER will debut from YG Entertainment.

BABYMONSTER is a 7-member group and is attracting attention as a talented girl group.

Today, January 16th, BABYMONSTER Ahyeon’s performance video has been released!

This is a performance video of BABYMONSTER Ahyeon posted on YouTube.

The other day, Haram’s vocal video was released and has become a hot topic all over the world.

Ahyeon’s video that was released this time started with a powerful vocal, and her rap was also really cool.

Ahyeon is 15 years old!

Ahyeon is still young, and she’s a member who has both talent and beautiful visual.

Following Haram and Ahyeonn, I’m looking forward to seeing which member will be revealed next😆

Let’s check out future posts about BABYMONSTER♪