TXT Yeonjun’s tattoo is a hot topic! “We Lost The Summer” teaser released !!

Quote from:YouTube

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) is working on the new album “Blue Hour”.

TXT Yeonjun’s teaser video of “We Lost The Summer” has been released!

This is TXT Yeonjun’s teaser video released on YouTube.

Various tattoos were drawn on Yeonjun’s neck and arms, and it was fashionable.

There was also a spider-like tattoo on the neck.

The scene where Yeonjun hugged a big teddy bear was cute !

The pink hair color also suits Yeonjun very well.

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“We Lost The Summer” contains the thoughts of young people living under the influence of the coronavirus.

It’s a song that’s perfect for the current situation!

Please check the lyrics ♪