BTS appears in Online Graduation Ceremony “Dear Class of 2020”! Show off 3 songs including “Spring Day”! !

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Online graduation ceremony “Dear Class of 2020” on YouTube.

BTS was the only one selected from KPOP.

BTS performed “Boy with Luv”, “Spring Day” and “Mikrokosmos” in “Dear Class of 2020”!

BTS | Dear Class Of 2020

This is the BTS stage for “Dear Class of 2020” released on June 8.

First was the stage of “Boy with Luv”.

BTS sang refreshingly in white costumes!

The next “Spring Day” was sitting in a chair and singing.

“Spring Day” is a perfect song for the graduation ceremony!

Last sang “Mikrokosmos”.

BTS’s stage to celebrate the departure of graduates from all over the world was moving.

The current situation is tough, but it was a lively video.

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BTS who appeared in “Dear Class of 2020”.

The online graduation ceremony that BTS appeared in will be a special memory you’ve never had.

It was a wonderful stage.

Please check it out!