Chaehyun became center of Kep1er! No.1 at “Girls Planet 999”! Introducing Chaehyun’s performance on “Girls Planet 999”!

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The audition program “Girls Planet 999” that KPOP fans around the world are watching.

On October 22, the final of “Girls Planet 999” was broadcast, and nine people have been decided to debut.

The group name that debuts from “Girls Planet 999” is “Kep1er”, and the cute name have become a hot topic.

What everyone was interested in was the No.1 member to become the center of Kep1er.

And finally, the center of Kep1er was decided to be Chaehyun !

This is a highlight video of Chaehyun at “Girls Planet 999” posted on YouTube.

Chaehyun was famous for her career as a trainee of SM Entertainment even before the broadcast.

In the first evaluation, Chaehyun performed aespa’s “Black Mamba”, and her song selection became a hot topic.

After that, Chaehyun performed TWICE “Yes or Yes” and IU “My Sea”, and her stable vocal ability was highly evaluated.

In the CREATION mission, Chaehyun showed off “Utopia”, and the concept was perfect for Chaehyun.

In addition to performance, Chaehyun is a popular member because of her kind personality.

In the ranking so far, Chaehyun was in the TOP 9 but never in the TOP 3, so it was surprising that Chaehyun was in 1st place in the final.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of activity Chaehyun will play in Kep1er 😆

Let’s check out Chaehyun’s center of Kep1er ♪