MONSTA X JOOHONEY’s cute charm, Sunmi is also addicted! ? Knowing bros

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MONSTA X is active worldwide.

MONSTA X is very popular not only in Korea and Asia, but also in America and Europe.

I would like to introduce MONSTA X Joohoney who appeared to Knowing bros this time!

(꾸꾸까까♡) 애교 원 TOP 주헌(JOOHONEY)의 애교 TIME 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 238회

This is Joohoney’s cute charm when he appeared on the popular Korean variety program “Knowing bros”.

Since debut as MONSTA X, Joohoney’s charm has been famous.

Joohoney’s charm was still amazing!

The other performers were amazingly charming.

Sunmi, who she played with, seems to have liked it .

Joohoney taught them how to be charming.

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MONSTA X Joohoney and Shownu who appeared on the popular Korean variety program “Knowing bros”.

The charm of Joohoney after a long time was so cute.

Please check it out♪

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