ENHYPEN’s fan club name has been decided as “ENGENE”! What is the meaning?

Quote from:YouTube

Popular audition program I-LAND.

ENHYPEN was formed by members selected by global voting from I-LAND.

Even before the debut, ENHYPEN has many fans.

The fan club name of ENHYPEN has been decided as “ENGENE”!

In the video released by ENHYPEN members, it was reported that the fan club name was decided.

The fan club name is “ENGENE” !

From September 20th to September 24th, ENHYPEN solicited names from fans and finally decided.

The fan club name “ENGENE” has two meanings.

The first is “Fans are the engines that let ENHYPEN grow and keep on going” .

And the second is “ENHYPEN’s GENE, that is, ENHYPEN and fans share the same DNA to connect, discover and grow together” .

Both meanings were wonderful!

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As Sunoo said, the name “ENGENE” is an easy-to-say and familiar fan club name.

I’m looking forward to the moment when ENHYPEN debuts and calls the name “ENGENE”!

I can’t wait for ENHYPEN’s debut ♪