Introducing profile of Japanese trainee K appearing on I-LAND! Such as Birthday, age, blood type, favorite food !!

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Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM formed an audition show I-LAND.

Bang Si Hyuk , the representative of Big Hit Entertainment, to which BTS and TXT belong, is the producer.

BTS appeared on I-LAND the other day, and it became a hot topic.

This time I will introduce the profile of Japanese trainee K who appears on I-LAND!

Birth date: October 21, 1997 (22 years old)

Birthplace: Japan

Trainee period: 2 years and 8 months

Blood type: A type


Favorite exercise: marathon

Favorite food: Toppogi

K is a popular member with a small face and excellent visual style.

RAIN also liked the visual of K, and he was noticed from the appearance.

When K revealed to the BTS members about his appearance concerns, it was said that he was good enough not to worry.

K loves the Japanese member Taki, and it’s like a real brother.

K ranked 5th in the result of I-LAND’s global vote recently held.

There are 7 people who can debut on I-LAND, so I’m looking forward to seeing K debut!

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Japanese trainee K who has appeared on I-LAND and has been attracting attention for his excellent looks.

K is his debut from I-LAND, and I support his success.

Please check it out♪