K dancing in the center was cool! Covered BTS “DNA” on I-LAND !!

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Big Hit Entertainment’s audition program I-LAND.

BTS appeared on I-LAND the other day and it became a hot topic.

The trainees covered the BTS “DNA” on I-LAND broadcast on August 21!

I-LAND [Full Ver.] BTS TEST_니키, 제이, 케이, 한빈 ♬DNA 200821 EP.8

This is the stage of the BTS “DNA” shown at I-LAND.

Taki, Jay, K, and Hanbin covered “DNA”.

K was in charge of the Jungkook whistle part!

I couldn’t take my eyes off the cool visual of K.

It was a stage where not only K, but also four people all were perfect!

The advice from BTS who appeared the other day was also utilized, and it was a wonderful stage.

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BTS “DNA” stage covered by I-LAND.

Everyone was handsome and the dance performance was cool.

Please check it out♪