Who is a cute voice? NCT127 MARK who screams Yuta is too cute! !

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NCT127 will be hosting Beyond LIVE on May 17.

Expectations are growing for the live performance of the new experience.

It’s great that fans all over the world can experience it.

Beyond LIVE practice video of such NCT127 has been released.

NCT127 was cool working hard for Beyond LIVE.

EXO’s Baekhyun also came on the way.

The cute exchange between Mark and Yuta has become a hot topic.

Mark’s voice, shouting “Yuta”,was so cute.

Not only Mark, but also Jungwoo was shouting about Yuta.

The fans were surprised at the cute voice of Mark who had never heard it.

I was wondering if it was popular between Mark and Jungwoo, but it seems that it was Johnny who started.

When Yuta was shouting “Yeonho” to Japanese fans, it seemed that Jungwoo began to shout “Yuta”.

It’s so cute, so I want you to do a lot from now on!!

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Always good friends NCT127 Yuta and Mark.

I look forward to the video of the two of you getting along.

I’m also looking forward to the new song “Punch♪