WayV Lucas updated Instagram! Fans expect to resume his activities!

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WayV is very popular group.

WayV Lucas has been inactive for a while since August 2021.

Many fans are worried about when Lucas will resume his activities because he has not participated in the activities of NCT2021.

Today, February 9th, Lucas’ Instagram has been updated !

Here is a photo posted on WayV Lucas’ personal Instagram.

It was a beautiful post with a monochrome photograph of the sea.

Lucas hasn’t updated his Instagram since August 2021, and fans were surprised at his new post.

No comments were added, but fans are happy to see a new photo.

Maybe it’s almost time for Lucas to resume his activities!

In 2021, WayV released “Kick Back” in March, and since then has been promoting unit activities and solo activities.

There hasn’t been a comeback for WayV for a while, so I’d like to see new WayV’s comeback 😆

Let’s check out Lucas’ future activities on NCT and WayV ♪