EXO-SC emojis are now available! How good are the portraits drawn on each other?

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EXO-SC making a comeback on July 13.

The MV teaser video of the title song “1 Billion Views” has been released.

Such EXO-SC emojis are now available!

Quote: twitter.com

This is an emoji created by EXO-SC.

Sehun is on the left and Chanyeol is on the right.

They were drawing portraits on each other!

Sehun drawn by Chanyeol had a similar eye atmosphere.

Chanyeol drawn by Sehun was a bit devilish !

But his ears often captured the characteristics of Chanyeol.

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EXO-SC will make a comeback soon.

They made two emojis for the comeback.

Please check it out♪