SEVENTEEN new song “Left & Right” MV teaser video released! Looking forward to a unique performance! !

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SEVENTEEN will make a comeback with their new album “Heng: garæ” on June 22nd.

The MV of the song “My My” that was recorded the other day has been released.

And The teaser video of the title song “Left&Right” was released on June 19th!

This is the teaser video of SEVENTEEN “Left & Right” released on June 19.

The beginning was from Wonwoo’s “1,2,3,4,”.

As the title of “Left&Right”, the performance of swinging left and right was unique!

It was a comical feeling, and the performance of the members was also an interesting teaser video.

I am interested in future developments!

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SEVENTEEN’s new song “Left&Right” MV teaser video.

This is the first teaser.

I want to see the rest soon!

Please check it out!