SEVENTEEN Mingyu being kissed is cute ! Photo booth pics with Jeonghan and Seokmin are a hot topic♪


13-member popular boy group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN has made a comeback with the new song “_WORLD”, and their performance is popular.

Yesterday, on July 24th, the photo booth pics posted by Mingyu has become a hot topic!


These are photos posted on SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Instagram.

It’s photo booth pics with Seungkwan and S.Coups and Mingyu.

They were sticking together, and Mingyu and S.Coups were kissing on the cheeks of Seungkwan!


Next, there are photo booth pics of Mingyu and Seokhani (DK & Jeonghan).

Mingyu & Jeonghan & DK kissed each other’s cheeks from both sides!

It was legendary Instagram posts and they are so cute😆

I want to see more photo booth pics of other SEVENTEEN members ♪