Who will get the diamond !? SEVENTEEN “HOME; RUN” MV released! Pay attention to the unique lyrics!!

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Quote from:YouTube
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13-member popular boy group SEVENTEEN.

Sales of the album containing the previous activity song “Left & Right” exceeded the million seller.

The new album “; (Semicolon)” has surpassed the million seller and SEVENTEEN is becoming more and more popular.

The MV of SEVENTEEN’s new song “HOME; RUN” has been released!

This is the MV of SEVENTEEN “HOME; RUN” released at 18:00 on October 19th.

At first, it started with the appearance of S.COUPS.

Diamond was in the baseball ball that was swung to S.COUPS.

The story of the SEVENTEEN members competing for the diamond was a movie-like and interesting MV!

“Home run again home run / Over that outfield fence / Home run again home run again / Everyone dadadadadat / Come running out Babe / I can’t stop the feeling / I can’t stop the feeling feeling / So the ball can fly high / And cover the sun Home run”

The lyrics with the theme of baseball were unique.

The dance of all 13 people was also really cool!

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SEVENTEEN’s new album “; (Semicolon)” includes unit songs in addition to the title song “HOME; RUN”.

The units of members that has never existed has become a hot topic!

Please check that out too ♪