What’s meaning of SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing”? I’m curious about “+”! A song for CARAT?


13-member popular boys group SEVENTEEN.

The other day, SEVENTEEN held an offline and online fanmeeting, and CARAT all over the world was excited.

SEVENTEEN’s new song “Darl+ing” has become a hot topic!

This is the title poster of “Darl+ing” posted on the official Twitter account of SEVENTEEN.

“Darl+ing” is a new song for a digital single, and its title is drawing attention.

In this SEVENTEEN’s new song “Darl+ing” , “+” is inserted between “Darl” and “ing” !

Since “Darl” itself probably has no meaning, it seems that “+” has some meaning.

“Darl+ing” has the meaning “let’s meet a special you and I and become one as a perfect us”, which is wonderful meaning !

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