What’s meaning of NMIXX “expérgo” ? Latin? Looking forward to the concept of NMIXX’s comeback!

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NMIXX belongs to JYP Entertainment.

In 2022, NMIXX debuted with ‘O.O’ and made a comeback with ‘DICE’.

Their unique concept attracts attention every time.

It has been announced that NMIXX will be making a comeback with “expérgo”!

This is a video about “expérgo” posted on NMIXX’s official Twitter.

The long-awaited NMIXX’s comeback is drawing attention all over the world.

In the released video of “expérgo”, flowers were blooming at a heart-like structure.

It was a mysterious video with jellyfish-like creatures revolving around it!

“expérgo” means “awakening” in Latin.

Don’t miss the news about the upcoming NMIXX “expérgo”♪