What’s NMIXX “ENTWURF” meaning? German? I’m looking forward to the concept♪

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NMIXX belonging to JYP Entertainment.

NMIXX debuted with “O.O”, and their high-level performances are popular.

It has been announced that NMIXX will be making a comeback with “ENTWURF”!

Here is the teaser poster for “ENTWURF” posted on NMIXX’s official Twitter account.

NMIXX’s comeback is expected for a long time, and it has finally been announced.

The title of NMIXX’s 2nd single is “ENTWURF”.

“ENTWURF” means “sketch”, “design” and “draft” in German.

“ENTWURF” poster that was released this time was a bright green and pink design.

We’ll be able to see NMIXX’s powerful performance, and expectations are already rising😆

Don’t miss the tweets about the upcoming NMIXX “ENTWURF”♪