What’s meanings of ENHYPEN “Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)” ? There is the river of Lethe in the lyrics.


ENHYPEN belongs to HYBE.

ENHYPEN has made a comeback with their new song “Bite Me” and won first place on various music programs.

ENHYPEN’s new song “Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)” MV teaser has been released!

This is the MV teaser for ENHYPEN’s “Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)” released on YouTube.

It had a mysterious atmosphere, which was different from the dark atmosphere of “Bite Me”.

Sunwoo was a thumbnail, and he was so cute😆

“Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)” has lyrics that mean “I sacrifice myself for the other person”, and it fits the concept of ENHYPEN.

“River of Lethe” appears in the lyrics, which means a river in Greek mythology.

It is said that those who drink the water of the river experience oblivion, so the lyrics have a deep meaning.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance we’ll see with “Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)” after activities with “Bite Me” are over.

Let’s check out ENHYPEN’s future activities♪