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March 25th is the debut anniversary of Stray Kids! Introducing their cool debut stage!

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Stray Kids belongs to the same JYP Entertainment as 2PM and TWICE.

Stray Kids is a popular group for their powerful and cool performances.

Today, March 25th is the debut anniversary of Stray Kids!

Stray Kids made their debut with the title song “District 9”.

Stray Kids has already been popular since the time of the survival program “Stray Kids”.

Because Stray Kids was active in “Hellevator” before their official debut, they had a high level of ability.

StrayKids won the rookie award and the performance at MAMA was really cool!

The album “I am YOU” released by Stray Kids in October 2018 contains a song called “0325” which is their debut date.

Stray Kids’ thoughts about their debut are included, and the lyrics are wonderful!

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Stray Kids will appear in Kingdom, which will start broadcasting in April.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of activities Stray Kids will carry out in the future!

Congratulations on 3rd anniversary of debut 🎉