What is the meaning of BTS JHOPE’s tattoos at MMA2020 ?

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Popular artists appeared on MMA2020 such as BTS, TXT, MONSTA X, OHMYGIRL, and IZ*ONE.

BTS has achieved 6 crowns.

This time, I will introduce the tattoo that was on JHOPE’s arm at the BTS stage that was performed at MMA2020!

At MMA2020, BTS performed four songs, “Black Swan”, “ON”, “Life Goes On”, and “Dynamite”.

On the “ON” stage, JHOPE wore a sleeveless outfit.

JHOPE hasn’t worn sleeveless clothes so much these days, so it was a valuable stage costume.

In addition, JHOPE’s arm had a Latin tattoo saying “Luctor et emergo”!

The tatoo’s meaning was “I struggle but I’ll survive”, and it was talked about that the tattoo was perfect for JHOPE.

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BTS who achieved 6 crowns in MMA2020.

It was also talked about having swept the three Daesangs!

Please check the performance of BTS in MMA ♪