Stray Kids Changbin’s kindness to Hyunjin is a hot topic! Changbin wore the bracelet that Hyunjin gave in the final episode of KINGDOM! ?

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The poplular music program “KINGDOM” starring BTOB, iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ, StrayKids, and ATEEZ.

The last episode of KINGDOM was broadcast the other day, and Stray Kids won the championship.

In the final episode of KINGDOM, the bracelet that Changbin wore is getting a lot of attention!

These are photos of Changbin posted on the official Instagram of Stray Kids.

It is rumored that the bracelet that Changbin wore in this photo was a gift from Hyunjin!

I can feel Changbin’s feelings towards Hyunjin, who is currently inactive, and I am impressed by the group love 😭

In KINGDOM, Stray Kids made original rings, and the rings for 8 people including Hyunjin became a hot topic.

I would also like to see the performance of all eight Stray Kids with Hyunjin!

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All of the Stray Kids performances performed on KINGDOM have recorded a great number of views.

Stray Kids is becoming more and more popular, and I’m looking forward to the comeback of the next new song!