StrayKids Felix’s younger sister cried ! ? Felix’s Australian Vlog is released!


StrayKids Felix is popular all over the world.

Felix is a member from Australia who has various charms such as handsome looks, cool low voice, and cute behavior.

The other day, Felix released a VLog of his time in Australia!

This is Felix’s Australia Vlog on YouTube.

Previously, Bang Chan’s Australia Vlog was released.

Felix was happy to be back in his hometown after a long time and reunite with his family.

Felix told his mother and his older sister that he were coming home, but it seemed that he didn’t say anything to his younger sister.

Felix’s younger sister was surprised and cried when she saw Felix.

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It was a touching scene where I could feel younger sister’s desire to meet Felix😭

Felix also visited various places in Australia, so let’s check it out♪