The rap in Korean is amazing! NiziU “Make you happy” Korean version released !!

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NiziU has debuted from JYP Entertainment through the Nizi project.

NiziU is being talked about not only in Japan but around the world.

The MV of NiziU’s pre-debut song “Make you happy” has exceeded 50 million views.

A performance video of the Korean version of NiziU “Make you happy” has been released!

NiziU 「Make you happy」 Performance Video(Korean ver.)

This is the Korean version of NiziU “Make you happy” released on July 15th.

JYP Entertainment is a Korean office, so the Korean version was also released.

The “Make you happy” Korean version of the performance video has quickly exceeded 1 million views and has proved popular.

The rap part of Mayuka and Rima was particularly talked about!

It was a quick rap, but both Mayuka and Rima were singing in Korean.

The performance was cute and nice.

It is said that the lyrics were originally written in Korean first.

JYPark wrote the lyrics, so it’s natural to think that they were written in Korean.

JYPark is making a lot of hit songs and he’s a really amazing person.

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NiziU is getting attention from all over the world.

The Korean version of “Make you happy” sung by NiziU feels fresh.

Please check it out♪