Sexy and cool! WEi dance cover EXO “LOVE SHOT” !!


The popular Korean audition program Produce 101 series.

WEi, a group of members from Produce 101, was born from OUI Entertainment.

WEi also has an X1 center, Yohan, which is a hot topic.

Such WEi dance-covered EXO “LOVE SHOT”!

This is the EXO “LOVE SHOT” by WEi released on YouTube.

EXO’s “LOVE SHOT” was also covered in Produce X101.

“LOVE SHOT” by WEi was also really cool.

The sexy choreography was impressive.

It was a cover video that also shows the good teamwork of WEi.

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WEi will debut soon.

EXO “LOVE SHOT” by WEi dancing was really sexy.

I’m looking forward to the debut song of WEi♪