WEi finally debuts on “TWILIGHT”! Produced by PENTAGON Hui is a hot topic !!

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WEi is a 6-member group consisting of X1’s Center Kim Yohan, JBJ’s Donghan, RAINZ’s Daehyeon, 1THE9’s Yongha and Junseo, and Produce X101’s Seokhwa.

Everyone has a history of appearing on survival programs, and WEi already has a lot of fans.

Such WEi finally debuted on “TWILIGHT”!


This is the MV for WEi “TWILIGHT” released on October 5th.

The whistling sound was impressive and it was a refreshing song.

The director who has worked on EXO and BTS MVs was involved in the MV shooting, and the top choreographer was involved in the choreography, which attracted attention.

Furthermore, PENTAGON Hui participated in the production of “TWILIGHT”, and it became a hot topic!

The 6 people’s performance and the dance in the night sky were romantic and it was a wonderful music video.

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WEi will appear in various music programs .

I’m looking forward to WEi’s costumes and performances!

Please check it out ♪