NiziU Rima has a talent for painting! The character “Reenu” is too cute !!


NiziU was born from the Nizi project.

NiziU is being talked about not only in Japan but around the world.

Rima from NiziU made a cute post!

Here is a photo of Rima posted on NiziU’s official Twitter.

Rima was informed about the performance video of the Korean version of “Make you happy”.

The two-shot photo with Mako and the video of Rima wearing sunglasses were cute.

In Rima’s post, an original character called “Reenu” also appeared.

Reenu is a cute character that looks a lot like Rima!

“Reenu” will appear in the future.

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NiziU Rima has a talent for painting.

Rima’s drawing “Reenu” was really cute.

I’m looking forward to future Rima’s posts !

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