BTS and NiziU will appear in “THE MUSIC DAY”! First performance of “Dynamite” and “Make you happy” !!


BTS is very popular in Japan.

The other day, BTS’s new song “Dynamite” won first place in “Billboard Hot 100”.

It has been decided that such BTS will appear in “THE MUSIC DAY” broadcast on September 12th!

BTS will sing the new song “Dynamite”! !

It’s the first time BTS sings “Dynamite” on Japanese TV.

It’s already a hot topic.

By the way, September 12th is the birthday of BTS leader RM.

In addition to BTS, NiziU will also appear in THE MUSIC DAY!

It seems that the pre-debut song “Make you happy” will be unveiled for the first time.

Everyone was waiting for NiziU to be seen on Japanese music shows.

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The Music Day featuring BTS and NiziU will be broadcast on September 12.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of popular artists!

Please check it out♪