NiziU will debut with “Step and a step”! Expect positive lyrics !!

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Quote from:NiziU twitter
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NiziU formed from the audition program Nizi Project.

NiziU’s pre-debut song “Make you happy” is a big hit.

It has been decided that NiziU will debut on December 2nd with the new song “Step and a step”!

This is a comment video of NiziU members posted on NiziU’s official Twitter account.

Mako reported to the fans that their debut date was decided.

Rima said her cute feelings.

The white outfits worn by NiziU members were beautiful.

Nina had red hair and Riku’s hair color was blonde.

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NiziU’s debut song “Step and a step” contains a positive message that “it’s okay if you go at your own pace”.

The jump rope dance attracted attention in “Make your happy”, so I’m looking forward to the performance in “Step and a step”!

Please check it out ♪