Introducing NiziU airport fashion! Return to Japan in Chuseok !!

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NiziU was born from the audition program Nizi Project.

NiziU belongs to the same JYP Entertainment as TWICE.

The MV of the pre-debut song “Make you happy” has been played 100 million times.

Such a popular NiziU has returned to Japan in Chuseok.

Introducing the airport fashion of NiziU members !

This is a video of NiziU returning to Japan at Incheon Airport.

Many reporters rushed to shoot NiziU.

Many members wore hats, masks, and hoodie.

NiziU members crossed their arms and felt the bond of NiziU.

It was a bit pitiful that many NiziU members were being chased by the camera.

The reporters were desperate because NiziU was drawing attention from the world.

When ENHYPEN returned from Jeju Island to Seoul, fans flooded at Gimpo Airport, and It was dangerous because the ENHYPEN members were likely to get injured.

But in the case of NiziU, I’m glad it didn’t happen.

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NiziU members have returned to Japan for the first time in a long time since the Nizi project.

I’m sure NiziU members will be happy to see their family for the first time in a while!

I want them to take a rest and be active in preparation for their debut ♪