Who was the date with NiziU Maya? Cute pictures are also posted !!

Quote from:NiziU instagram

NiziU was born from the popular audition program Nizi Project.

NiziU’s pre-debut song “Make you happy” is also very popular.

This time, I would like to introduce the cute date photos posted by Instagram of Maya of NiziU!

Here is a picture of Maya posted on NiziU’s Instagram.

Selfies were posted that highlighted Maya’s good looks.

Maya had a date with Ayaka!

Maya also posted a cute photo with Ayaka.

Maya and Ayaka were cute and it was a date photo like a sister.

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NiziU is always entertaining with different members.

Maya posted this time about her date with Ayaka.

I’m looking forward to the next NiziU post♪

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