September 9th is the birthday of Dongpyo from X1! Introducing the charm of cute Dongpyo !!

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X1 formed from Produce X101.

The popular X1 was unfortunately disbanded.

X1 members are currently working on activities.

September 9 is the birthday of Dongpyo from X1!

Born September 9, 2002, Dongpyo is 18 years old.

Dongpyo has full of talent as an idol.

In ProduceX101, Dongpyo was the center of the title song “지마 (X1-MA)”, and it became a hot topic.

PRODUCE X 101 [최초공개]프로듀스 X 101 ′_지마(X1-MA)′ Performance

Dongpyo, who was selected as the center of “지마 (X1-MA)”, quickly became known.

Dongpyo sometimes struggled with pressure, but he was impressed with the effort to overcome it.

In “이뻐이뻐 (Pretty Girl)”, you can fully feel the cuteness of Dongpyo!

[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [10회] ♬이뻐이뻐(Pretty Girl)ㅣ'국프님 마음에 색색을 물들일' 크레파스 @콘셉트 평가

Dongpyo’s cute center suits the song.

Dongpyo, who was steadily improving his ability, made his debut as a member of X1!

Unfortunately, X1 has disbanded, but Dongpyo seems to be returning to the office and working hard.

I want Dongpyo to debut in the new group soon!

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Dongpyo is good at showing both cool and cute concepts.

Dongpyo has a freshness that is perfect for idols.

I will continue to support Dongpyo’s success in the future♪