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NiziU dance cover JYPark “When We Disco”! Focus on the duet dance !!

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NiziU was born from the popular audition program Nizi Project.

JYPark, who appeared in the Nzi project, is also attracting attention.

NiziU dance-covered JYPark’s new song “When We Disco”!

Here is Nizi U’s dance cover JYPark “When We Disco”.

Maya danced in the center and the other members danced duet dance!

Their duet dance was cool.

JYPark collaborated with Sunmi, and “When We Disco” has become popular because various people cover it.

The MV reaction video of TWICE was also posted.

It’s been well known that JYPark is loved by the artists who belong to JYP.

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JYPark “When We Disco” dance covered by NiziU.

JYPark’s new songs have the power to surprise us every time.

Please check it out♪