“J-HOPE” is engraved on BTS Jimin’s sunglasses! ?


BTS made a comeback with the new song “Dynamite”.

BTS has been busy doing various interviews recently, posting videos on TikTok and so on.

In the photo that BTS Jimin posted on Twitter, the sunglasses that Jimin wore were noticed!

This is a picture of Jimin posted on the official Twitter of BTS on August 24th.

It was an impressive photo of Jimin’s cute pose.

However, Jimin’s sunglasses are attracting attention among ARMY.

If you look closely at Jimin’s sunglasses, the name “J-HOPE” is engraved!

I don’t know why Jimin’s sunglasses are engraved with the name J-HOPE, but maybe Jimin wore J-HOPE’s sunglasses..

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BTS is a hot topic every time!

This time, Jimin’s sunglasses are attracting attention.

I’m looking forward to what kind of posts BTS will continue to make♪