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 BTS Jungkook and V are good friends at the Golden Disc Award (GDA) ♪

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BTS is causing a BTS boom in the world.

The grand prize was swept at 2019 MAMA and MMA.

BTS won the grand prize at the “34th Golden Disc Award with TikTok” held on January 4th and 5th.

This time, I would like to introduce a very close scene between BTS Jungkook and V at the Golden Disc Awards.

taekook moments at GDA 2020
GDA 2020 Taekook análise [ vkook ]

V notices it and leans on Jungkook’s shoulder.

Jungkook hugged such a V from behind!

ARMY were very excited to see this sequence of events.

It was a scene where the good friendship of BTS was transmitted.


Jungkook and V are good friends during the award ceremony.

The two are always good friends!

I want to keep seeing two good friends ♪