BTS appeared at Tiny Desk concert! Show off “Dynamite”, “Save Me”, “Spring Day” !!

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BTS made a comeback with the new song “Dynamite”.

Recently, BTS has appeared in music programs all over the world and performed “Dynamite”.

BTS appeared at “Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts” on September 21st!

BTS: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

This is the American “Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts” where BTS appeared.

“Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts” was broadcast live on YouTube and was watched by fans all over the world in real time.

BTS was sitting and singing the new song “Dynamite”, and the performance was wonderful!

In addition to “Dynamite”, BTS also sang “Save Me” and “Spring Day”, and I was healed by BTS’s voice.

In the comments, it was cool to hear the English of BTS members.

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Unfortunately, the BTS world tour scheduled for 2020 has been postponed.

But, it’s nice to meet a lot of BTS members online!

Please check it out ♪